New Delhi: At least 86 villages are needed to build the satellite city on the outskirts of Uttar Pradesh’s Noida, found a survey conducted by the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), the organization responsible for creating a detailed report on the project, as per a TOI report.

According to the study’s preliminary findings, the state government has so far notified only about the 80 villages, out of which, five will have to be de-notified because they are not homogeneously connected to the land of the project. This means the government will need to acquire and notify about 11 more villages for the Noida satellite city project.

According to the SPA planning team, five villages out of the 80 will have to be eliminated from the project and thus, the other 11 will be notified as part of the Noida Authority for further development.

The reason behind the elimination is that the five villages are being dissected by NH-91 and the Eastern Peripheral Expressway pushing it beyond the homogenous cluster, revealed an official.

“The land is not homogeneous in nature and the continuity breaks. It will be difficult to amalgamate them during the planning,” an official told TOI.

Out of the 80 villages that the UP government acquired for the project, 20 are in the Dadri area while the remaining are in the Bulandshahr district.

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