U.S. diplomats ‘deserve better’ in the fight against soundwave attacks, urges national security expert

The men and women in the U.S. diplomatic corps deserve more transparency when it comes to paralyzing sonic frequency attacks, said Frank Figliuzz, the former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI.

“Our men and women deserve better than essentially the sound of silence when we’re talking about sonic attacks on them,” Figliuzzi said. 

Diplomats in Cuba reported hearing strange sounds, steady pulses of pressure in their heads, and a number of other bizarre physical sensations in 2016. They suffered lasting side-effects from a mysterious soundwave attack dubbed “Havana Syndrome.” In some cases, diplomats noticed a sharp deterioration in their hearing and vision. 

Figliuzzi, an NBC News national security analyst, suggested that the federal government centralize a task force under a “very senior official,” like the director of national intelligence, in order to get to the bottom of the soundwave attacks. 

The attacks were not limited to foreign diplomats and happened in the U.S., including at least twice near the White House.

Figliuzzi told CNBC’s  “The News with Shepard Smith” that he doesn’t think it’s possible that the U.S. intel community has no idea who’s behind the attacks. 

“I believe there’s evidence that indicates that the Russian intelligence services are likely the most reasonable guess of who’s doing this,” Figliuzzi said. “We need to confront that, we need to be transparent about it.”

The Russian embassy wasn’t immediately available for comment.

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