Faridabad: Faridabad police has arrested three accused including a girl who reportedly hacked the WhatsApp chat of over 100 girls and blackmailed them to make their personal information public if they don’t deposit money in the provided bank accounts. 

One of the accused who is just a 12th pass has victimized more than 100 girls from areas like Palwal, Faridabad, Gurugram and Delhi.

Sattar Khan, who worked as a promoter at Airtel, provided accused with SIM cards using fake Aadhar ids.

The accused Manish and Pooja with the help of Sattar Khan then used to call from the fake numbers and blackmailed girls demanding money. 

Notably, several girls who feared of their personal chats getting leaked had deposited money in the given accounts.

The cybercrime branch of Faridabad started the investigation after a girl had complained that someone is demanding money by threatening to make her WhatsApp chats viral. 

The accused on questioning by the police told that they befriended the boys of a school or college and then somehow managed to get the mobile numbers of the girls from them. 

The accused even revealed that they also used to target the mobile contacts saved in the victims’ phones.

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