Kolkata: A restaurant in Kolkata took an innovative step of offering customised masks with a zip feature for its customers, reported news agency ANI.

Often times people forget to wear masks while leaving homes and are denied entries to public places. This cafeteria has introduced the unique idea in an effort to make wearing a mask at public places a common practice.

The cafe’s owner Somoshree Sengupta said masks are mandatory so with a zip feature now there is no need to remove it at all.

“So masks have been made mandatory, so when you eat food here, zip out and eat, when you are done with eating, zip in,” Sengupta was quoted as saying by ANI.

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These special masks can be kept on even while eating food.

“We’re providing it to customers without any extra charges. However, it is not mandatory, they can wear it if they want to,” he said.

This a small step to make wearing masks the ‘new normal’ to stop the spread of the COVID-19 infection. 

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