New Delhi: There is no denying that dogs are one of the cutest creations of God, but turns out, they are one of the most helpful too.

In a video that is going viral on the internet these days, a little doggo is teaching a baby how to crawl, yes, to crawl!

The super adorable video was posted by a Twitter user by an Indian Forest Officer by the name of Susanta Nanda.

Nanda often treats his followers and Twitter family with super cute and fascinating wildlife videos, but his recent dog video is surely one of our favourites.

The video is captioned “Teaching is a work of heart. Doggy teaching the design & art of crawling to the baby is so beautiful.” Here’s the video!


In the clip, we can see a Pomeranian dog teaching a baby to crawl. It firsts imitates the trick for the baby to observe and follow and to our surprise, the baby actually learns a little from the cute little teacher and briefly crawls.

The dog then motivates the baby by planting a kiss on his cheek and starts teaching him again to move forward.

The 18-second clip not only beautifully captures the bond of a baby and dog but also gives an important message that animals are always available to help their human friends.

The video has so far gained over 9 thousand likes and more than 1700 retweets.

Well, crawling, yawning or singing, we are always up for such cute doggo videos, right?

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