Chennai: As daily Covid-19 cases are well past the 36,000 mark and active are cases nearing the 3lakh mark, Tamil Nadu Government has intensified the prevailing lockdown and extended it up to May 31st.

In order to permit the people to prepare for the lockdown, the Government has permitted all shops to remain open until 9 pm on Saturday and from 6 am to 9 pm on Sunday 23rd May. Outstation buses will be permitted to operate on Saturday, May 22nd and Sunday 23rd. According to the Tamil Nadu government, the Covid-19 second wave is expected to peak by the end of May or early June.


The below guidelines will come into effect from Monday, 24th May.


What’s open: 


Medical shops selling allopathy and traditional medicines 

Distribution of essentials like milk, drinking water, newspapers 

Vegetables, fruits will be sold in vehicles by the local Corporations in all districts including Chennai 

E-Commerce from 8 am until 6 pm 

Hotels will function from 6-10 am, 12noon-3pm and 6-9 pm and provide only takeaways

Food delivery services can function during these timings 

Fuel stations, ATMs 

Transport of agricultural goods and produce; Transport of essential goods and movement of cargo 

For emergencies such as death or medical reasons, Inter-district travel will be permitted based on E-registration 

Print and Electronic Media 

Continuous process industries, Industries manufacturing essential commodities and medical equipment 

Only essential departments will function in the Secretariat and the Districts administration


What’s Closed: 


Work from home for Private firms, banks, insurance companies, IT companies

Malls to remain closed

Live TV

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