Chennai: “Mark Twain said politics is the last resort of the scoundrels and we’re here to change that,” said actor and politician Kamal Haasan, as he announced his outfit Makkal Needhi Maiam’s first list of 70 candidates for the upcoming assembly polls.

While the actor’s name was not in this list, the notable names include former Tamil Nadu IT secretary Dr Santhosh Babu and V. Ponraj who served as an advisor to President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. 

Speaking at the event, the actor said that the DMK was portraying itself wrongly as the saviour of Tamils and that the incumbent AIADMK was accusing the DMK of being a dynasty party. He added that the BJP was making attempts to divide the state on communal lines. 

Haasan said that even as a politician he would continue to be a firm defender of the freedom of language, speech and culture, keeping in line with his views as an actor.
Introducing the candidates, which included a considerable number of women, Haasan said that almost all of them were self-employed. He added that winning and entering the legislative assembly was not their end goal, but that they aspired to fulfil at least 50 per cent of their promises during their tenure if elected. 

Lashing out at the DMK and AIADMK which had made announcements on providing income for homemakers, he said that the MNM was not meant to make lists of ideas for the two Dravidian majors, but was meant to oust them. 

MNM’s candidates will be contesting from 154 seats, whereas their allies AISMK and IJK will be contesting 40 seats each. In addition to this, the actor’s party is also said to be in talks with the SDPI for an alliance.

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