New Delhi: Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) on Friday (July 3) held a meeting with NITI AYOG CEO Amitabh Kant to discuss issues related to Tourism and Airline amid COVID-19 crisis. 

The major issues highlighted were: 

1. Airline Refunds

2. Challenges faced to retain employees, their salaries and avoid unemployment in the sector.

3. Moratoriums and reliefs to trade due to COVID-19 lockdown and loss of business.

4. Allowing accredited travel agents to book Vande Bharat flights for Air India and also informing foreign carriers undertaking such flights to permit the same.

5. Revival challenges and long term facilitation for the trade with airlines.

6. Protection of the Agents from Airline defaults and suspension of services.

7. Direction from government to the Airlines on remuneration for promoting the airlines.

8. Direction seeking Travel Agent Corp Credit Cards to be used for airline ticketing.

9. Reduction of Credit Card merchant fees by banks to below 0.75% so as to promote Digital India for Aviation, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sector as a whole.

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