Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong surprised the Sikh community on Saturday (July 6) when he wore a turban as he attended the inauguration ceremony of a renovated gurudwara. Wearing a white Sikh turban, Prime Minister Lee, who attended the inauguration ceremony of Silat Road Sikh Temple, also greeted the community members with a “Sat Sri Akaal”.

Loong also appreciated the local Sikh community for providing support to people through various assistance programs during the COVID-19 pandemic regardless of race, religion, or background.

A video of Loong donning a white kurta with a turban as he addressed the Sikh community, has gone viral on social media.

Sharing the video on his Twitter handle, Parminder Singh wrote, “Singapore Prime Minister,@leehsienloong inaugurated a newly renovated Gurudwara wearing an immaculate turban and greeting everyone with a perfect Sat Sri Akaal!” Watch the video here:

The Prime Minister’s heartfelt gesture touched a chord with citizens, who praised his leadership.

The Silat Road Sikh Temple used to serve up to 1,500 vegetarian meals daily as part of langar, according to The Straits Times. After the renovation, the Gurudwara’s kitchen and its food preparation and dining areas have expanded in size by about 20 per cent, allowing volunteers to serve up to 2,000 meals in a day.

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