In a shocking incident, five men allegedly gang-raped 2 women on Friday in Rajasthan’s Neemrana. It is learnt that the men were in Neemrana as they were planning to murder a businessman. The men gang-raped the two women, who are employees of a three-star hotel, at gunpoint.

The accused entered the hotel on Friday and told the manager to arrange sex workers for them. After some time, two of the accused entered the rooms of femala employees of the hotel and raped two women at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, the hotel manager rushed to the police staton and informed the police that some guests carrying weapons had entered the hotel. The police swung into action and went to the hotel immediately. The two victims were rescued by the police after they raided the hotel. The police have also arrested the five men involved in gang-rape.

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During interrogation, the accused revealed that they demanded Rs 20 as ransom from businessman and were planning to murder him if he failed to pay the money to them,. 

Two pistols and many ive cartridges hav been recovered by the police from the accused. 

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