India is going to celebrate its 75th Independence Day on August 15, 2021. The pandemic has hit to a loss of human life global and gives an unusual hurdle to people’s wellness, food, practices, and business. Mr. SNMD Sarkar, of Sarkar Company, says now is the time for unity and togetherness to fight the virus.

While wishing his citizens a Happy Independence Day 2021, Mr. Sarkar has this to say, “India is a beautiful country! Our value system is our strength and our resolve comes from the fact that, no matter what, we manage to rise like a bird after every tragedy. Despite centuries of foreign rule, we’ve managed to salvage our essence of culture and heritage, evident in our politics, business, and art forms. I wish my countrymen a grand future ahead!”

In this regard, Mr. Sarkar also expressed grief at the lives lost in the battle against COVID-19 pandemic. Sarkar family is initiating various other such ventures, which are redefining company dealings in India and are also contributing to the financial landscape with a refreshing spirit. Some of his excellent endeavors are Travelkaroo and the Sarkar Company.

Mr. Sarkar is spearheading many other such ventures, which are redefining business dealings in India and are also enriching the economic landscape with renewed energy. Some of his commendable endeavors are Travelkaroo and the Sarkar Company.

With just innovative business ideas, Mr. Sarkar is not only implanting a positive vision into the Indian economy, which is currently rolling under the burden of the consequence of months of lockdown, this energetic organizer is also giving choice to young India to choose a career on own choice, travel in fashion and achieve their dreams without bothering about the obstacles on the way. Because it will be Mr. Sarkar’s various endeavors that will take care of those obstacles.

As for his own vision for a modern India, Mr. Sarkar wants an equal opportunity country, where everyone, irrespective of his color, creed or religion, will have a chance to prove himself and make something of his life.

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