Unlike most businesses that had to close down due to the pandemic, Rurash saw a relatively favorable turn in the market. The CEO of the company, Mr. Ranjit Jha, says, “The pandemic was a blessing in disguise when we have seen an increase in gravitation by 2 to 2.5 times towards investments.

As a result of its success in Mumbai, Rurash has decided to launch another one of its offices in Bangalore. The city is a hotspot for some of the most seasoned investors in India and Mr. Ranjit hopes to bring them a fintech solution that helps them get better results. In addition, the founder aims to expand the company to 3-4 different locations in the coming six months.

“We are also planning to bring some exotic investment options – Structured Note / Fixed Coupons – together with all the required detailing that boosts financial literacy,” says the CEO of Rurash. However, his key focus area since the beginning has been to take the Indian growth story in the field of financial investment to global investors.

Reflecting on his views on the broking industry that happened last year, he says that the event was entirely unanticipated. Talking about things that drove this change, Mr. Ranjit shed light on how “Jio played a big role in digitizing the investments and Aadhar was a big blessing.” “Both these things democratized the investments, and while the pandemic gave everyone the time to sit, reflect and look at their personal finance,” he adds.

In the times ahead, structure and visibility are the fundamental essentials that Rurash plans to focus on. The CEO wants to scale the company to the point where it establishes itself as a household name.

“We wish to establish above and beyond the ‘fintech jargon’ and touch the nerve of Indian investors – the way they wish to touch,” he says.

In addition to that, what gives Rurash leverage over its competitors in the field is that it trusts technology but does not let the technicalities hamper the customer experience. Industry experts help clients by creating a tailored service package that is backed by data, research, ratings, and analytics.

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