New Delhi: In a shocking display of brazenness, a Uttar Pradesh Muzaffarnagar based gang put out its rate chart for goon services that they provide.

A youth uploaded slew of photos and is seen holding a pistol. He posted a rate chart of the ‘services’ that the group provides.

The gang will wage fights, injure people, abduct, issue threats and even commit murder for money. 

Further the chart reads: For issuing threats Rs 1000 will be charged, to beat up somebody the price is Rs 5,000, to injure someone Rs 10,000 is charged and to commit murder Rs 55,000.

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After the post became widely shared on social media, the police stepped in and searched for the young man who had uploaded the disturbing post. 

The youth was subsequently identified as a resident of Chowkada village of Charathaval police station area. 

The CO of Sadar police station Kuldeep Kumar said that the inflammatory post was brought to the attention of the police and matter is being investigated, He said action will be taken in the case soon. 

The young man seen in the photo is said to be the son of the PRD jawan.

The police said the matter is being investigated and action will be taken in the case soon. 

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