Patna: As Bihar heads to the first phase of polling on October 28, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Tejashwi Yadav on Sunday (October 25, 2020) alleged that the overwhelming crowds at his rallies reflect the mindest of the people who are not just angry with Chief Minister but hate “energyless, conservative and narrow-minded” Nitish Kumar.

“The crowd at our rallies show that people are not just angry with Nitish Kumar but they hate him now, this is the level of their angst,”he said. Further, Yadav reiterated that people are contesting Bihar Elections on the issue of unemployment and have kept caste, creed, class and religion aside.

He alleged that Nitish Kumar has become energyless, conservative and narrow-minded. “It seems that he has become energyless from the kind of boring, meaningless speeches and things he is doing. Nitish Kumar is tired now and he is no longer able to manage Bihar,” he said.

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Tejashwi Yadav has been constantly attacking the Chief Minister for being “physically and mentally tired”.

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On Saturday, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav released the party`s manifesto for Bihar assembly election 2020 that promise to provide 10 lakh government jobs for youths, higher Minimum Selling Price (MSP) rates for farmers, better health care facilities in the state.

The RJD manifesto also promises to develop ‘smart village’ concept. “This is not a manifesto; this is a resolution and this will become a reality. I assure you that I will sign papers to ensure jobs to 10 lakh people on the very first day of the cabinet meeting. People used to make fun of where we will generate employment. Now, you must understand there is a difference between employment and job. Here we are talking about government jobs,” Tejashwi said.

The Bihar elections will be held in three phases in Bihar — October 28, November 3 and November 7 and the counting of votes will be done on November 10.

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