New Delhi: Patients at a leading private facility in Delhi were diagnosed with ‘Mucormycosis’ or black fungus in the small intestine, the doctors have termed it as “rare” cases. Both patients had tested positive for COVID-19. 

Kumar, a 56-year-old resident from Delhi had barely completed the last rites of his wife when he experienced pain in his abdomen. He has already lost two members of his family to COVID while he himslef had tested positive for coronavirus along with his wife. He had been experiencing mild symptoms initially.

His abdominal pain was considered gastritis or stress-related and there he self-medicated for acidity, this delayed proper treatment by three days.

After an evaluation in the COVID emergency of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, a CT scan revealed that the first part of his small intestine or jejunum had perforated. His COVID ailment also had worsened by now requiring ventilator support. 

In another case, 68-year-old Ijaj, who was celebrating his father’s recovery from COVID-19, started experiencing mild abdominal pain. He was a diabetic and had received steroids for treatment of COVID. 

A CT scan revealed small intestinal perforation similar to the first one.

Mucormycosis or black fungus, most commonly involves rhino-orbital-cerebral system or the lungs. Intestinal or GI mucormycosis is very “rare disease”, and most commonly involves stomach or large intestine, as per doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

While, more than 60 cases of black fungus have been reported at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

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