New Delhi: Police are supposed to keep public space safe and make everyone secure with their presence. Exceptions are there, and in a recent development, police personnel was found stealing eggs from a cart in Chandigarh.

Head Constable in Punjab Police, Pritpal Singh was recorded lifting some eggs from an unattended roadside cart and he did not stop there but kept those eggs in his police uniform. The policeman was seen caught crossing the road in an instant as the owner approached his cart. The cop stopped an auto-rickshaw and made off with the stolen eggs. This entire lifting act was recorded on a mobile phone.

As the video was circulated on social media, it was noticed by Punjab Police. Pritpal Singh has been suspended from the service by the department.  

“A video went viral wherein HC Pritpal Singh from Fatehgarh sahib town is caught by a camera for stealing eggs from a cart while the rehdi-owner is away and putting them in his uniform pants. He is suspended & Departmental Enquiry is opened against him,” Punjab Police tweeted from their official handle. 


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