Kapurthala: Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi on Thursday (September 23) said he has asked the state police to reduce his security cover as having so many men to protect him is a “sheer wastage of resources”.

Overruling the rationale of threat to his life, Channi said he is a “common man” and “brother of every Punjabi”.

“I am one of you and I don’t need an army of 1,000 security personnel to protect me from my own brethren,” said Channi during his address at Kapurthala’s IK Gujral Punjab Technical University, according to a statement.

Channi said he was surprised to learn that after assuming the charge, he had 1,000 security personnel to guard him.

Terming it a “sheer wastage of government resources”, he said, “This cannot be allowed as what harm my own Punjabis will do to me as I too am a common man like them.”

The CM also said he was surprised to learn that being the head of the state, he is also entitled to a car as big as a room for comfortable travel.

However, he said what peeved him was that Rs 2 crore was spent from taxpayers’ money to purchase this car.

Channi said this luxury is unwarranted and undesirable as these funds could have been well utilised for the welfare of the public, especially those from weaker and underprivileged sections, according to the statement.

The CM said he is a votary of simple living and high thinking, so this VIP culture has to go at all cost.

He said, “I am not fond of luxurious lifestyle”.

Rather he is there to serve the Punjabis, the CM said, asking officials to ensure reduction in vehicles constituting his cavalcade.

Channi also said he is not a VIP rather a normal Punjabi and anyone can call him anytime on his phone as he is available to serve the people round the clock. 

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