New Delhi: The netizens are bemused with a wedding invitation a couple from Tamil Nadu which has created quite a buzz. The bride and groom named P Mamata Banerjee and AM Socialism are tying the nuptials on June 13. The photo has gone viral and many people have been left wondering if the wedding card is real or photoshopped. 

The invitation was published on Monday and since then the groom’s father, Lenin Mohan, popularly known as A Mohan had attended several calls confirming the aunthenticity of the card and the wedding nuptials of his son. He is the district secretary of CPI in Salem, Tamil Nadu. 

“Everyone is so curious about the names of the bride and the groom. Cadres, friends and many from media called me to verify whether the invitation is genuine, I was so irritated with so many people asking the same question but later got used to it,” Mohan was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

Further, Mohan explaiend in Kattur village, where majority of the people follow communism, it is not highly common to find names such as Russia, Moscow, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Vietnam, Venmani, etc.

The marriage is slated to take place on June 13 at the bride’s house in Amanikondalampatti village the card states.

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