Noida: A 24-year-old woman chased a man in his late forties on Friday (March 12) and thrashed him for allegedly touching her inappropriately. The incident happened near the Sahara red light. 

The woman alleged that the man grabbed her chest and tried to flee away on his cycle, when the woman started chasing him and knocked him down. 

The incident took place while the woman, who works at a petrol pump in Noida sector 12, was walking towards her work place. 

“He kept staring at me all the way and when I reached the crossing, I saw a car approaching in my direction. I tried to reach a safe spot but the cyclist came from behind, groped me and tried to escape. I was shocked but I ran behind him,” she told the Times of India.

The woman then caught hold of the accused’s shirt and started slapping him. Some passersby also gathered to understand the situation but no one came forward to help, the woman revealed. 

 “I have been staying here for the past six years but this was the first time when I felt unsafe. People think that they can do such things and get away with it. Even though he said sorry later, such an act is totally unacceptable,” said the woman.

Additionally, a few captured a part of the incident, where the woman is thrashing the man on camera, which later went viral on social media platforms.

The woman while narrating the whole incident also pointed out that the whole incident has turned into a he said, she said situation because of the absence of the CCTV cameras in the area, which according to the woman is also a reason for increase in such crimes.

Meanwhile, as per the reports by the Times of India, Additional DCP of Noida, Ranvijay Singh revealed that the police have called the woman to give a statement and an FIR will be registered against the accused.

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