New Delhi: In a shocking new case, a woman working as domestic help in Greater Noida was arrested by the police for allegedly robbing valuables worth Rs 3 lakh from the houses in which she worked.

The accused named Usha and her sister Suman were working together as domestic helpers in a house from which they allegedly managed to steal bits of jewelry over a certain period of time.

The incident took place at Purvanchal Royal Park Society of Sector 137 located in the Kotwali Surajpur area.

Sourav Kumar is a resident in the same society as the incident. His mother, who lives in another flat, was the victim of this theft.

After finding out about the missing jewelry from his mother’s house, he filed a complaint with the police.

After investigating the matter the police arrested Usha and her sister and found around 3 lakh worth of jewellery in their possession of which some belonged to Sourav’s mother.

According to media reports, the police are still investigating the matter to find out if they can retrieve any more stolen jewelry or other valuable possessions.

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