A video of a cat jumping from the fifth floor of a burning building has taken the internet by storm. The video shows the cat surviving the jump and walking away like nothing happened.

The visuals shared by the Chicago Fire Department show fire fighters dousing the flames of the building when suddenly a black cat is seen jumping from the a window of a house on the fifth floor only to land gracefully on a patch of grass with a small bounce and walk away from the whole ordeal with no signs of injuries.

The incident happened when fire officials were attending a small blaze in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood and that is when they spotted the black cat make its great escape. 

The video went viral soon after the Chicago Fire Department tweeted it from their official handle. The cleverly captioned the video, “Nine lives for a cat that jumped from fire at 65th and Lowe. Cat hit grass bounced and walked away!”


This video of the cat jumping off the fifth floor has managed to garner over 1 million views, 13.8K likes, over 5K retweets.

As onlookers gasped in shock after the cat jumped, it landed safely on all four paws on a patch of grass, bounced once, and ran away.  Authorities clarified that the cat was not injured and that they are trying to find its owner.

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