New Delhi: Former Union minister and Bharatiya Janata Party Lok Sabha MP Babul Supriyo on Saturday (July 31) announced he has decided to quit politics. 

Taking to his social media handle, Supriyo declared that he was leaving politics and clarified that he was not joining any other party. The minister also said that he had joined politics to do social work but now realises that it is no longer necessary to be in politics to help people.

Here’s what Babul Supriyo’s Facebook post said: 

Goodbye, Avida
Heard everyone’s advice – father, wife, daughter and a few close friends. Stayed here for long, remembered certain things, sometimes got happy, sometimes got sad. If one has to do social work, one may not stay in politics. 

Resigning from MP-ship too. 

I will never forget the love given to me. And I am not bargaining for any post too. I am hoping people will not misunderstand me and pls forgive me. 

Does this have any connection with me quitting the post of a minister? Yes partly. There is a lot of difference between 2014 and 2019. That time, there was only one MP in Bengal – that was me. With due respect to Ahluwalia ji, GJM was BJP’s ally in Darjeeling. Now, there are many MPs. Now there are many bright, young netas here. 

During elections, there was difference of opinion with the state unit and certain issues were coming public. In certain decisions I was wrong, in certain decisions they were wrong. 

I am going to vacate the house given to me in capacity of a minister within a month. 

I had a conversation with Swami Ramdev in a flight when he said BJP wants to focus on Bengal. I had taken up the challenge and took it seriously. 

Ends the Facebook post with a song by Hemanta Mukherjee – “ek gochha rajnigandha”.

Further, in the Facebook post he claimed has always been a “one team player”.

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