Chennai: Actor and politician Kamal Haasan urged women to follow, speak about and play an active role in politics, citing how Mahatma Gandhi’s movement owed its success to brave women. “Politics affects women, hence you must have an effect on politics” he urged the ladies. The veteran actor was addressing women achievers from various streams on the occasion of International Women’s day.  

In response to a specially challenged woman Advocate, who requested that Kamal Haasan’s party should ensure that their campaign and campaign material be accessible and inclusive, Haasan assured that his party has taken the first step towards inclusivity of challenged persons. He added that once their party comes to power, they will have an MLA from the specially challenged community.

“Our party takes pride in having made the unprecedented announcement about providing income to Homemakers. We are giving you income and feel that you have a part in the GDP”, he said, adding that how Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor had welcomed the announcement and wished that all parties followed suit.

Taking a dig at the DMK’s vision document that was unveiled on Sunday, Haasan said that Universal income for women was now being taken seriously by all parties. As soon as the DMK document was shared, Haasan had accused the Dravidian party of ripping off his idea and making a mention of basic income for women. 

In a veiled attack on DMK President MK Stalin’s campaign song – “Stalindhaan Vaaraaru” (Stalin is only coming to power), Kamal said that these days dacoits came with a prior announcement.

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Further hitting out at the DMK for plagiarising his idea, Haasan said, “To insult M Karunanidhi, one just needs to say MK Stalin. You know what it means”.

Speaking of his political view and career he said, “I once took part in protests against Hindi imposition, but didn’t know that I myself would later act in Hindi films. Back In the day, it seemed right to protest against it, as the politics of the was such. But today instead of fighting against Hindi, I would say long-live Tamil” Let Tamil also flourish, said the actor.

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