Iraq airport near a base that houses U.S. troops is attacked by drone

The model of an airplane of Iraqi Kurdish carrier “Zagrosjet” decorates the center of a roundabout near Erbil’s International airport in the capital of Iraq’s autonomous northern Kurdish region on April 15, 2021.

Safin Hamed | AFP | Getty Images

WASHINGTON – The U.S. military on Tuesday evening confirmed a drone attack in northern Iraq, near a base that houses American troops.

Kurdish security sources said the drone attacked Erbil airport with explosives, according to a Reuters report. U.S. troops occupy a military air base adjacent to the civilian airport.

“At approximately 11:15 PM local time, one UAS [unmanned aerial systems] impacted in vicinity of Erbil Air Base, Iraq. At this time initial reports indicate no injuries, casualties or damage,” wrote U.S. Army Col. Wayne Marotto, spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, in a statement Tuesday evening.

We will update when we have further information,” he added.

The attack comes one day after rockets and a drone targeted Ain al-Asad air base, which houses American troops and the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, on Monday.

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