NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday (December 19) delivered keynote address at ASSOCHAM Foundation Week 2020 today via video conferencing. The theme of the ASSOCHAM programme is ‘India’s resilience: Atmanirbhar roadmap towards USD 5 trillion economy’.

ASSOCHAM was established in 1920 by promoter chambers representing all regions of India. It has over 400 chambers and trade associations in its fold and serves over 4.5 lakh members across India.

During his address at Assocham event, the Prime Minister hailed the Tata Group for playing key role in India’s development. He also called industry to make all efforts to make India self-reliant (Aatmanirbhar). 

“In the last 100 years, ASSOCHAM and the entire Tata group has worked very hard to strengthen India’s economy and help the common Indian. Ratan Tata has been honoured for his distinguished contributions to the country,” PM Modi said during the address. 

“The world is moving towards the 4th Industrial Revolution. Challenges will come in the face of new technology, and solutions will come as well. It is the time to both plan and act. We must associate every action to a larger goal of nation-building,” he said. 

“Our challenge is not just becoming self-reliance, but to become self-reliant as fast as possible. India’s positivity for the world is at its peak, and it has come from the self-belief of 130 crore Indians. India is moving ahead with renewed energy,” he said. 

The Prime Minister said that the central government has been constantly doing reforms to promote manufacturing in India. “More than 10 sectors have been brought under PLI initiatives. We’ve also witnessed positive results in a very short period. Industries are witnessing the red carpet and are saying ‘Why Not India’? Today, the world is witnessing India’s start-up ecosystem and saying ‘Why Not India?'”

He said that the country saw record FDI and FPI during the time of pandemic. “The world believes in the Indian economy today. During the pandemic, the entire world was worried about investments. However, India saw record FDI and FPI. You’ve a lot of opportunities of investment in every sector in India, today.”

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