New Delhi: Eleven teams of Indian and US scientists will soon start jointly scouting for “out of the box” COVID-19 solutions.

According to a release from the Ministry of Science and Technology, “eleven teams of Indian and US scientists will soon start jointly scouting for out of the box solutions ranging from novel early diagnostic tests, antiviral therapy, drug repurposing, ventilator research, disinfection machines, and sensor-based symptom tracking for COVID 19.”

“The teams have been selected to take up these initiatives through a rigorous binational review process of proposals received for an invitation under COVID-19 Ignition Grants in April 2020 issued by the US-India Science and Technology Endowment Fund (USISTEF),” a release from the Ministry said.

According to the release, the USISTEF announced the awards to eleven bilateral teams proposing out-of-the-box, innovative ideas to address the COVID-19 challenge. 

The USISTEF has been established by the Government of India (through the Department of Science & Technology) and the governments of the United States of America (through the Department of State) for the promotion of joint activities that would lead to innovation and entrepreneurship through the application of science and technology.

“The joint US-India S&T based entrepreneurial teams will work on initiatives that address the development and implementation of new technologies, tools, and systems to address COVID-19 related challenges including monitoring, diagnosis, health and safety, public outreach, information, and communication,” it said.

The release said in keeping with its` mission and vision, the USISTEF announced the Call for Proposals under the category of COVID-19 Ignition Grants with the intent to support promising joint US-India S&T based entrepreneurial initiatives to address the COVID-19 challenge.

“The mission of the United States-India Science & Technology Endowment Fund is to support and foster joint applied R&D to generate public good through the commercialization of technology developed through partnerships between US and Indian researchers and entrepreneurs to help combat this pandemic,” it said.

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