New Delhi: The Indian govt has decided to provide refuge to Afghans even as the country plunges into crisis with the Taliban making territorial gains. These are Afghans who worked closely with India and others who would be vulnerable like journalists, writers, activists, minorities, etc. The plans are afoot and the number is still not known. These nationals will be on long-term visas to India.

The development comes even as many other countries like the US are doing the same. The US is currently processing visas of many Afghans who supported them at a processing facility at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai airport.

Canada has announced plans to resettle 20,000 Afghans which include women leaders, human rights workers, and reporters.

Meanwhile, New Delhi continues to monitor the evolving situation even as the situation deteriorates in the country. Taliban has made rapid territorial gains with provincial capital after provincial capital falling. Last week India brought back 50 of its nationals from Mazar E Sharif as the city was surrounded by advancing Taliban fighters.

When it comes to Indian consulates, India has withdrawn diplomats from both Kandahar & Mazar consulates. Both consulates are being run by locals. Regular security advisories have been issued by the Indian embassy in Kabul asking its nationals to return back to India by the earliest commercial flight.

In its 4th security advisory on 12th August Indian mission in Kabul said, “All Indian nationals in Afghanistan are once again requested to strictly adhere to the measures advocated”

Indian mission had earlier issues advisories on 29th June, 24th July, and 10th August. India has around 1500 of its nationals in the country involved in various development works.

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