With the increase in coronavirus COVID-19 cases, India might surpass Brazil, the second worst-hit nation, within a month. As the number of tests increases in India, the number of COVID-19 cases have also risen as on an average, 57,000 cases are being reported daily in India. The US remains the worst-hit nation with 5704447 cases so far.

On Monday (August 24), the COVID-19 figure has crossed 31 lakhs in the country while in Brazil it has crossed 36 lakhs. As per the latest data, the total number of cases in Brazil currently stands at 3,605,783 with new cases +23,085. In Brazil, 114772 deaths have been reported so far with +495 in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile in India, the total number of cases has reached 3105185 with +61,749 new cases. So far, 57692 deaths have been reported in India with +846 in the last 24 hours.

The rate of new cases increasing daily or the number of deaths, in India, is almost two and a half times that of Brazil. In Brazil, the cases are now under control as compared to earlier. It is clear that the risk of coronavirus in India is still increasing. However, a large difference in the population of India and Brazil is due to this. Brazil has a population of only 21 crore and India’s population is 135 crores.

India’s recovery rate is 75 per cent, which is steadily improving. The death rate is currently less than 2 per cent and under control, but the rate at which the rate of infection is increasing suggests that India may soon be number two worst-hit nation.

India in the last 24 hours witnessed 57,469 coronavirus recoveries, that took the total number of recoveries across the country to more than 23 lakh, as per the Union Health Ministry’s health bulletin released on Monday. As of now, 23,38,035 patients have recovered from COVID-19 which according to the Union Health Ministry has been made possible because of effective implementation of the policy of “TESTING aggressively, TRACKING comprehensively through surveillance and contact tracing and TREATING efficiently”.

“Focus on Standard of Care protocol including the use of non-invasive oxygen, better-skilled doctors in the ICUs and hospitals, and improved ambulance services have led to improved recovery rate among the severe and critical COVID patients. Those in home isolation, being medically supervised and monitored, are also recovering at a fast pace,” said Union Health Ministry.

India’s COVID-19 Recovery Rate now stands at 75.27% reflecting that the number of patients recovering is on a steady rise over the past several months.

India has recorded more than 16 lakh (16,27,264) recoveries than the active cases (7,10,771 which are under active medical care). The COVID-19 Case Fatality Rate has also been on a steady downward trajectory as it has further dipped to 1.85% on Monday.

“A major role in India’s substantial rate of recovering and declining case fertility rate has been played by the ‘National e-ICU on COVID-19 Management’ exercise being conducted by AIIMS New Delhi in active collaboration with Ministry of Health,” stated Union Health Ministry.

Notably, the National e-ICU is held twice a week- on Tuesday and Friday, and covers ICU doctors of COVID hospitals in States and answers their queries related to COVID-19 treatment. So far 14 such National e-ICUs have been held covering 117 hospitals of 22 States across the country.

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