New Delhi: The Chief of Army Staff General MM Naravane on Wednesday (February 24, 2021) said that the relationship with China would develop along the path as per India`s wishes. 

Commenting on phase 1 of the India-China disengagement, Army Chief Naravane called it a win-win situation. “What we have achieved so far is very good and it is a very good end result.. (its a) win-win situation. The agreement signed with any country is premised on the fact that it will be observed in letter and spirit. We will trust, but we verify. We have put systems in place to make sure that there is no re-occupation of these heights and it is part of the agreement,” he said.

The Army chief said, “Whatever we did as a government, as a nation has shown that the resolve that we have in maintaining our interest foremost. I think with this ‘Whole-of-Government’ approach, our relations with China would develop along the path that we wish to develop.” 

While addressing a virtual conference on the ‘role of the Indian Army in dealing with contemporary national security challenges’, Naravane asserted that nobody wants an unsettled border, “As two neighbours who would like to have peace and tranquillity on their borders and who would like all the other engagements which have been going on in the past should continue also in the future. Nobody wants an unsettled border.”

Phase 1 of the disengagement process from Pangong Lake was completed by the armies of the two nations and further disengagement is underway at other friction points. 

India and China have bene invoved in a border stand-off since April-May 2020 after a bloody skirmish at the Galwan Vallery escalated tensions. Both nations have held several rounds of military and diplomatic talks. 

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