The Centre on Thursday asked states with high covid positivity rate among healthcare workers, such as Telangana (18%), Maharashtra (16%), Delhi (14%), Karnataka (13%), Puducherry (12%) and Punjab (11%), to see if adequate protection is being taken and also check the infection status of places from where these people come.

“We have drawn attention of these states and Union territories to this issue. It has to be seen whether the standard protocol for hospital infection practices is being followed and adequate protection is being taken by the healthcare workers,” said Rajesh Bhushan, secretary, ministry of health and family welfare.

“The states and Union territories concerned have also been alerted to check the infection status of the localities from where the healthcare workers come,” he said.

With 3,924,563 covid-19 cases, India is close to crossing the total count of Brazil and becoming the country with the second-highest number of such cases after the US.

The country recorded more than 83,000 covid cases in the last 24 hours. The death toll was at 68,529.

Five states—Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu—account for more than 62% of the active covid cases in India, according to Union health ministry data.

Graphic: Mint

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Graphic: Mint

Maharashtra accounts for almost 24.77% of the active cases, followed by Andhra Pradesh with 12.64% cases and Karnataka with 11.58% cases.

Five states also account for 70.15% of total covid-19 deaths in the country, led by Maharashtra accounting for 37.39% of deaths followed by Tamil Nadu (11.16%), Karnataka (8.83%), Delhi (6.65%) and Andhra Pradesh (6.12%).

The average daily case fatality trajectory over the past three weeks among these five states show that only Karnataka and Delhi have recorded an increase in the case fatality trajectory. Karnataka recorded a 9.6% increase in fatalities over this period, while Delhi recorded a 50% surge in fatalities over the past three weeks.

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