This is the age of virtual reality, wherein a mere click of the mouse or an online interaction impacts our decisions, guides our lives, and chooses our relationships and careers. Much of its impact we see in marriage decisions also. If the trend for love marriage is on the rise, then another fact is that the unrest in married life cases is also increasing. In the present times, getting married itself is becoming an issue. Marriage aspirations have gone up mainly with females’ empowerment and graduated status than what used to be a “male dominant” society. Whatever be the case: Love or arranged marriage, sometimes the marriage does not happen despite continuous efforts, and you are pretty disappointed. Then the natural question is how to get over the delay in marriage problem? This is where astrology can help you know how to get over delays in marriage. 

What can cause a delay in marriage

When there is a continuous delay in marriage, it can be a real testing situation. Sometimes delay in marriage can be due to self-created reasons (like more focus on career) or family compulsions. One has to deal with such factors independently. But yes, if there are astrological reasons for the delay in marriage, a good marriage astrologer can surely help you. And once you know the exact reasons for the delay in marriage, it becomes very easy to handle the same. There are some astrological reasons like

  • If Jupiter, known as the primary karaka for marriage, is debilitated in a horoscope, the marriage can get delayed.
  • If the seventh house, the house of marriage, is influenced by the malefic planets such as Saturn Rahu and Ketu, it delays the marriage.

What to do for early marriage

A few things can be done for the people seeking an early marriage. If you are interested in Love marriage and it is not happening, get a compatibility check and care for other factors. If it is an arranged marriage, you can get some definite clues about your future life partner and refine your search for timely marriage. A good marriage astrologer can surely let you know what to do for an early marriage. In this article, I would like to draw your attention to the mythology of marriage with Tulsi for an early marriage also. 

Can marriage with Tulsi Help

If you are too desperate for marriage and nothing is working out, you can try Tulsi Vivah to get married soon. Yes, Tulsi Vivah can help in early marriage. There is no denying that Tulsi Vivah is a ritual for all those who want to get married without any further delay. Tulsi Vivah is conducted during such auspicious timing/muhurat that it can increase marriage probabilities for even a person with bleak chances of marriage. One can read about the mythology of Tulsi Vivah on websites and epics. Still, it is an accepted myth that marriage with Tulsi can help a person in early marriage. The best part of Tulsi Vivah is that it does not have any side or adverse effects. It will help you get married early but will not have any negative impact on your marriage.

When is Tulsi Vivah Performed?

Tulsi Vivah is performed on the evening of the auspicious DevuthaniEkadashi (In the Shukla paksha of Karthik month). DevuthaniEkadashi is also known as PrabodhiniEkadashi. Tulsi Vivah begins when the rainy season departs, and the auspicious timing for marriage ushers in. Tulsi Puja is performed either at home or in the temples. Matchmaking/ matchmakers get busier during this auspicious time for marriage. This ritual is performed to counter all the hindrances; one has in marriage and gives a clear path to tie the knots soon.

So, if you are facing a delay in marriage and want to get over the delay in marriage problem, follow the above steps. First, know the reasons for the delay in your marriage and refine your search for a life partner; take the help of the ancient method of marriage with Tulsi. Still, any issues, read more about the reasons for delay in marriage. Visit my website or call my office on +919278555588/9278665588.

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