The Delhi Police on Friday seized heroin worth Rs 40 crore and arrested two people who smuggled it by making a cavity in their car. The Special Cell of the Delhi Police had received information that some people of the notorious drug smuggler Ali gang of Manipur will be coming to Delhi’s Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar.

The police arrested Mohammad Iqbal Khan and Mohammad Ishaq by laying a trap on July 23. Eight kg of heroin was recovered from their bag that they had come to deliver to a person named Nazim in Delhi. Both of them said in interrogation that they are from Manipur and work for Ali gang.

According to the accused, they built a cavity near the engine in their i20 car for smuggling the drugs and hid the drugs in the same cavity. However, their car broke down near Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh and so they parked the car on the highway. When the car was recovered from Bareilly, two kg of heroin was found from the cavity near the engine of the car. The heroin was to be supplied to someone in Bareilly itself

According to the police, in order to dodge the police, they used to change the colour of the car after each trip, which cost about Rs 50,000 each time. Ali used to pay a hefty amount to both the accused for each trip.

The heroin was supplied from Myanmar to Manipur and then to Guwahati in Assam. From Guwahati it was taken to West Bengal’s Siliguri, then Darjeeling and from there to Malda. It was then delivered to Delhi-NCR via western Uttar Pradesh.

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