New Delhi: The Indian Railways suspended as well as diverted several Ghaziabad-bound trains owing to the ongoing construction work for the third foot over-bridge at the station. In view of the diversions, the rail traffic will be affected from November 24 to November 27, announced Indian Railways in a tweet.

“Provision of a third foot over bridge at Ghaziabad railway station has been made by Delhi Division of Northern Railway. It will increase the passenger amenities and better infrastructure. The following trains will be affected due to completion of this work,” read the tweet.

At least nine trains that pass through the Ghaziabad railway station have been completely cancelled. Apart from it, the routes of 7 trains have been changed while there have been timing alterations for six trains.

One of the affected trains is ‘The 08477 Puri Yog Nagri Rishikesh Special Express’, which will be given a stoppage of 25 minutes at Sahibabad Station on November 24.

Here’s a list of all the Ghaziabad-bound trains that are cancelled due to construction:

Train No – 04444/04443: New Delhi Ghaziabad New Delhi Special will remain cancelled on 24th and 26th November.

Train No – 04459/04460: Delhi Jn. Saharanpur Delhi Junction MEMU specials will remain cancelled on 26th November.

Train No. – 04183/04184: Tundla Delhi Jn. Tundla AEMU special will be cancelled on 24th and 26th November.

Train No – 04439: Palwal New Delhi Ghaziabad Special will remain cancelled on 24th and 26th November.

Train No. – 04335/04336: Moradabad Ghaziabad Moradabad Special will remain cancelled on 26 November.

List of partially cancelled trains from November 24 to 26:

Train No. 04409 Ghaziabad Shakurbasti EMU Special

Train Number – 04419 Mathura Jn Ghaziabad EMU Special

Train No – 04407 Palwal Ghaziabad EMU Special

Train Number – 04420 Ghaziabad Mathura Jn. emu special

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