New Delhi: 2021 seems to be an era of bizarre combination of food recipes. Cringe-worthy videos of various food combinations like nutella biryani and orea maggie had in past left internist in shock. 

Now another video has surfaced in which a food blogger visited the shop to try the bizarre combination of tikki rasgulla chaat. In the video, the blogger can be seen holding a plate of tikki rasgulla chaat with sev, yogurt and chutneys. 

The food blogger Anjali Dhingra tries the bizarre combination on camera and posted the video reaction on her Instagram account. As soon as Anjali takes a bite her reaction changes and one can easily tell that she doesn’t quite enjoy it. 

Watch the viral video here:

Moreover, she looks disappointed after eating it because she spent Rs 140 to buy it. 

The video, till now, has over 84k views and thousands of likes. “What’s your favourite street food (sic),” the video caption read.

The netizens also commented their reactions after watching the video. “I can see the disappointment in her face please don’t do anything gibberish with such a authentic sweets (sic),” a user wrote. “Ek bangali k dil ko bohot chout pouchi (sic),” another user wrote.

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