Former Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy on Sunday said that it seems that the ongoing strike by the employees of Toyota Kirloskar’s Bidadi plant will not end soon though the strike has completed nearly two months.

“The solution does not appear to be in sight though the strike by the employees of Toyota Kirloskar’s Bidadi plant is completing two months. The differences between the workers and management, issues related to middle managers and the government’s apathy may also be the reasons for such a situation. But there is a dire need to put an end to the impasse in the interest of the state’s industrial development,” said Kumaraswamy.

In a scathing attack on the company, the JD(S) leader said, “The company has pushed its 3,000 workers into the street either by supporting the stand of the middle-managers or acting on flimsy allegations against the staff. It is not proper on the part of the companies that thrive by utilizing our land, water, air and infrastructure to behave in such a cruel manner with our own people. The heads of the company should keep aside their prestige and act in a humane way”.

“I myself have held several meetings in a bid to resolve the workers’ crisis. Through such meetings, it appears clear that the managers who stand in between the management and the workers are trying to create confusion as well as problems. It is important to note that these managerial personnel are not from either this region or the state. The Apple company has acknowledged that managerial lapses were responsible for the violence at the Wistron’s Kolar plant that manufactures its I-phones,” he added.

Referring to the steps taken by Wistron, Kumaraswamy said that the company has pledged to treat its workers with respect and has removed its vice-president for lapses.

“It has also stated that it would treat its workers with dignity. Sending a strong signal, Wistron too has removed it’s vice-president. The Toyota company too should conduct an introspection in the wake of the stand taken by Apple,” he tweeted.

Kumaraswamy urged the government to take steps aimed at resolving the crisis as the end of th stalemate would benefit Karnataka only.

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“Incidents like workers’ strike, protest and rampages will lead to investors losing their confidence. It will create an opinion that the situation is not conducive in the state to run an industry. The government should ensure direct communication between the staff and the heads of the company by bringing them to negotiating table. The government should behave like a communication bridge. It is essential in the interest of the future of the state’s industrial sector,” he said in another tweet.

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