A Boeing Co. 777 aircraft operated by Rossiya Airlines made an emergency landing in Moscow at 4:44 a.m. local time due to engine trouble.

The incident comes days after debris from a similar aircraft flown by United Airlines Holdings Inc. fell onto Denver suburbs during an emergency landing after one of its engines suffered a catastrophic failure.

The Rossiya Air flight was operating as a cargo service from Hong Kong to Madrid, according to an employee at Sheremetyevo International Airport, who declined to be named. Neither Boeing nor Rossiya Air were immediately available for comment.

The crew of the plane requested to make the emergency landing after one of the left engine control channels failed, according to Interfax. No injuries were reported. The type of engine wasn’t immediately clear.

Engine explosion in Denver

The investigation into an engine explosion on a jetliner taking off from Denver is focusing on a fan blade that appeared to be weakened by wear and tear, according to reports.

A preliminary examination of fragments from the engine suggested a crack that grew gradually over time prompted the failure.

Investigators said late Monday that two fan blades in the PW4077 engine made by Pratt & Whitney broke off and one of them showed signs of metal fatigue, or hairline cracks from the stress of wear and tear. They believe the weakened blade broke off first, then chipped off half of an adjacent blade.

No one was hurt in the incident, but the episode raised questions about maintenance on the jets.

Planes grounded

Boeing on Monday (IST) said it was recommending air carriers halt flights of 777 airplanes like the United Airlines plane that suffered a right engine failure until the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued inspection protocols.

In a statement, Boeing said it recommends “suspending operations of the 69 in-service and 59 in-storage 777s powered by Pratt & Whitney 4000-112 engines until the FAA identifies the appropriate inspection protocol.”

The US aviation body has said that it will issue an emergency airworthiness directive ordering stepped-up inspections of Boeing 777 airplanes with the PW4000 engines.

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