New Delhi: The story of Uttar Pradesh gangster Vikas Dubey, who was arrested on Thursday (July 9) morning at Mahakal temple in Ujjain after a dramatic chase of six days, appears filmy but he is very unlike reel-life dreaded gangsters. A biopic on his life may become the plot of a Bollywood film in the coming days but the real-life gangster behaved cowardly as he was constantly on the run or was hiding at different places. 

The DNA analysis today delves deep into this subject to unravel the murky truth of Vikar Dubey’s life. The glamorization of such petty criminals actually makes them aspire to become a dreaded gangster. If we look at Vikas Dubey, his personality hardly matches the persona he cultivated but the system bowed down to him.
The UP gangster today surrendered himself to the police without any opposition in Ujjain, giving a blow to those high and mighty whose dark secrets he is aware of. Such people would have earlier prayed for encounter killing of Vikas. Notably, some through-provoking facts to fore after his dramatic arrest: 

-Firstly, Vikas Dubey is known to dark secrets of several powerful people who earlier hoped that he would be eliminated in the police encounter. 

-Secondly, Vikas wanted to surrender in some public places so that people should recognise him. For this, Mahakal temple in Ujjain was the safest place and his plan appears successful.

-The third point is that it is difficult for the police to encounter a criminal in public places. Pretty aware of this, Vikas shouted in front of cameras that he is a Vikas Dubey from Kanpur. He deliberately revealed his identity to foil the chances of his encounter. He, however, was silenced while revealing his identity as a policeman slapped on his head, and after this, Vikas Dubey calms down.

Once the famous American boxer Mike Tyson said that everybody is a gangster until they get punched in the mouth. Vikas Dubey’s silence after getting a slap justified Tyson’s statement. 

Although Vikas Dubey would have rated him high, his arrest today was like that of a petty criminal. The Quick Response Team of cops outside the Mahakal temple is deployed to catch thieves and pickpockets. This would have certainly given a blow to him, but those who patronised him for 30 years when will they be exposed. 

Vikas Dubey traveled from Kanpur to Faridabad and from Faridabad to Ujjain as a criminal without any mobile phone to save himself from being nabbed. He knew well that technology would bring him under the police net sooner or later, but he managed to dodge the police for almost a week.

Notorious criminals actually fear the police but pose them like a Robin Hood among common people, believing that nobody would harm them. A Colombian drug mafia, Pablo Escobar, also considered himself a Robin Hood. When his empire was at its apex, his organization’s daily earnings were close to Rs 500 crore, but one day he fell victim to the police bullet.

Mexico’s drug mafia El Chapo Guzman also held a similar image among the people. His daily income was also more than Rs 20 crore a day, but in the year 2016, he was arrested and he is currently lodged in the US jail. 

These examples show that when a criminal steps into the world of crime, people sitting in the system help him realize his dreams and then take advantage of him. Vikas Dubey too was allowed to prosper for 30 years by such people. This made him so audacious that he dared to kill 8 policemen who reached his village to nab him. 

Dubey’s murky saga commenced with his first murder in 1992, after that he never looked back. In 1996, he came in contact with BSP leader Harikishan Srivastava and helped him win the assembly elections. Since then, Vikas Dubey became the right hand of Harikshan Srivastava but became the enemy of BJP leader Santosh Shukla.

In 2001, Vikas Dubey brutally murdered the then Minister of State Santosh Shukla in the Shivli police station, but the scared cops could not arrest him. He surrendered in a court 6 months later, but due to his fear, no one dared to testify against him. This helped in further growth of his stature in crime as well as politics.

In Kanpur’s assembly seats of Bithur, Kalyanpur, and Bilhaur, Vikas Dubey’s influence kept on growing. From the Ghimau district Panchayat in ​​Kanpur for the last 20 years, someone from his family has got elected as a member.

Vikas Dubey himself has been a member of the District Panchayat. His wife Richa Dubey is currently a member of the District Panchayat. Richa Dubey is stated to have joined the Samajwadi Party in 2015, and his mother Sarla Devi today told media persons that Vikas Dubey is associated with the Samajwadi Party.

Vikas Dubey, however, has been changing his leader as well as party as per his convenience. He has been in contact with leaders of almost all the political parties in Uttar Pradesh, especially in Kanpur and surrounding areas.

In 2017, Vikas Dubey is said to have told STF that he was close to BJP MLAs Abhijeet Sanga and Bhagwati Sagar. He also claimed that these leaders help him, but the same was denied by the BJP leaders. 

He also had good contacts with local BSP leaders when Mayawati was in government from 2007 to 2012. During this period, his influence increased manifold and illegally occupied lands worth crores and made his assets of about Rs 200 crores.

Dubey’s photos or his associates’ pictures with politicians and police officers of Uttar Pradesh have gone viral, but everyone is denying their connections with him. The bigwigs are shying away from the crimes of Vikas Dubey, but the truth is that political parties surrender before the vote bank power of such criminals and patronise them.

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