New Delhi: In DNA on Wednesday, Zee News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary analyses the ‘pitch’ of change, which has both ‘bounce and speed’ for new India. The basis of the analysis is the world’s largest cricket stadium, which was inaugurated in Ahmedabad today. 

As India begins this new and amazing innings on this pitch of 22 yards, India is now fully prepared to send problems out of the boundary line.

Though, it seems that the focal point of power in India is changing. It has to be understood that there are four pillars on which India’s social structure rests.

1. Politics is the first pillar

2. Cricket

3. Cinema

4. Religion

The focal point of politics has reached Gujarat from Uttar Pradesh. Earlier, it was claimed that Uttar Pradesh determines the political condition and direction of India. But now this picture has changed and instead of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat has become the new center of power of politics the birthplace of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The second pillar is cricket, the focal point of its power which used to be Mumbai has now shifted 500 kilometers away to Ahmedabad. There was a time when Mumbai had the highest number of players in the Indian cricket team. Most matches were played in Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium and BCCI’s power center was also in Mumbai but now the power is shifting from Mumbai to Ahmedabad.

As far is cinema in India is concerned its roots were firmly planted in Mumbai but now these roots are weakening and currently there are talks of building a film city in Uttar Pradesh. The Power Center of Hindi speaking films has been in Marathi speaking Mumbai for many decades and still is today. But now the focal point of its power is leaning towards other states.

The fourth pillar of Indian society religion, today people’s thinking about religion has changed. People have become aware of religion and the definition of being secular is also being made universal today. People’s changing thinking towards religion. It is clear that circumstances have started changing about this too.

The stadium was inaugurated today by President Ram Nath Kovind and Union Home Minister Amit Shah and renamed as Narendra Modi stadium. It was earlier known as Motera Stadium. The stadium is spread over 63 acres and was built at a cost of Rs 800 crore. The stadium also has 76 Corporate Box and three practice grounds.

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