New Delhi: Even as India takes the landmark step of vaccinating its health care workers, a viral video of a conversation between a doctor who got his vaccine shot without his wife has left the internet in splits.

In a phone conversation which was recorded live by Delhi-based doctor KK Agarwal, it can be heard his wife berating him for getting his COVID-19 vaccine shot without her.

Aggarwal, a cardiologist and Padma Shri recipient is at the receiving end as his wife fumes over him getting the shot without his wife.

In the video, which has since gone viral, Aggarwal is seen doing a live video where he is about to talk about vaccine shot.

His wife then calls him up and asks him if got his vaccine shot, when he confirms receiving the jab, she bearates saying, “Why couldn’t you take me with you?”

To which the doctor sheepishly says, “There was some confusion” and retorts “you will be vaccinated on Monday”.


The nearly 1-minute long video has been gathered more than 721K views.  

Later, Aggarwal shared a statement from his unverified Twitter handle writing that he was aware of the video and that it portrayed nothing but his “wife’s concern towards his health and safety.” He also urged everyone to take the COVID-19 vaccine when they get the chance.

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