The world is searching for effective means to tame the rampaging COVID-19 pandemic. Valetudo promises to be an effective means to blunt the pandemic.

Valetudo is a high-tech device, which is currently awaiting regulatory approval in the US for its claims to destroy viruses and bacteria on the surface, designed with cutting edge technology.

The device has been developed by an Indian Debashish Talukdar, who has for long been working on solutions against the spread of vector born diseases.

The device could prove to be a boon to the hospitality sector, which has been badly hit by the prolonged phase of disruptions.

There are various viruses and bacterias that are seen to be highly infectious during close human to human contact. It’s also known to survive on the surface, causing much apprehension among the people who have reservations to go to the cinema halls, hotels, amusement centres, and also the mass transport system.

Debashish, a young entrepreneur from Assam, will soon be launching Valetudo, which is a device to destroy the infectious viruses and bacterias on the surface by breaking its DNA and RNA in the food component.

Additionally, they are also using blockchain consensus technology for brand transparency between the hospitality industry and their customers. Valetudo promises to destroy other viruses and bacterias with the high-end technology, which works on the ultra waves and magnetrons.

“Valetudo with the help of pulsed UV waves and Magnetrons decontaminate the whole surface, which can reduce the threat of the spread of the highly infectious viruses or other bacterias, which spread by touching the surfaces in the surrounding,” said Debashish.

He said that Valetudo is currently being tested by the American regulator FDA for the efficacy of the technology and safety standards. “Once regulatory approval comes, we aim to launch the device in the market at the earliest. The tentative assessment suggests that it could be possible by the end of October 2020,” added Debashish.

Hailing from a small town, Debashish also runs a fully operational marketing agency, specializing in managing and growing social profiles. He

also leads marketing campaigns on social media to give a leg up to profiles to generate leads for businesses.

Talking about his success, Debashish said that he doesn’t possess any distinctive entrepreneurial traits, but only a focussed approach helped him excel in his business, Talukdar Consulting. He is also one of Asia’s best social marketers inspiring the young generation.

Debashish had since the outbreak of the global pandemic been working to find solutions in the public interest, and a collaboration with the scientific community helped him come out with the virus destroying the device.

“The Hospitality industry has been hit hard by prolonged disruptions. With Unlock 5.0, a vast segment of the hospitality secretary, including the hotels, cinema halls, resorts, and so on will be opening up. They will have to reassure the customers that they have taken the utmost care to sanitize their premises against the viruses. Valetudo will prove extremely beneficial for the hospitality industry,” said Debashish.

The device, said Debashish, will also deal with the high anxiety of the people, who have mostly been homebound. “For those on the front lines of the global pandemic, anxiety regarding virus transmission does not stop at shifts’ end. Instead, providers are grappling with how to ensure they do not bring infectious materials home. This makes interventions like the new device sanitize and decontaminate the food,” added Debashish.

The budding entrepreneur in the early part of his career spent time learning and hacking algorithms from YouTube to grow and monetize channels, quickly moving to avenues such as Instagram and Facebook.

“I am keen to explore and experiment. Valetudo is going to be an effective tool in the battle against highly infectious viruses and bacterias and will make the people feel secure about not being infected in hotels and restaurants. Valetudo will be a boon for the hospitality sector as it is in dire straits,” said Debashish.

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