New Delhi: In a bid to inculcate patriotism in students, the Delhi government has decided to start daily sessions to discuss the subject in schools.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday (March 14) said that there will be hour-long discussions on patriotism every day in Delhi schools, in order to make students “kattar deshbhakts” (staunch patriots).

“Patriotism is not taught in our schools. We have decided to discuss patriotism every day for an hour in schools, to make students ‘kattar deshbhakts’,” Kejriwal was quoted as saying by ANI.

“We will also take the teachings of Bhagat Singh and BR Ambedkar to every household,” he added.

Kejriwal reiterated his recent decision to send the elderly to Ayodhya for free once the temple is ready.

“Ram Temple in Ayodhya will be ready in a year or two. Delhi government has decided to take senior citizens to Ayodhya for Ram Lalla’s darshan with travel, accommodation, and food expenses to be borne by us,” Kejriwal said.

Earlier this week, speaking during the budget session, Kejriwal drew a parallel between the national capital and Ayodhya, saying that he is following the principles of Lord Ram in governing Delhi.

“We have been following 10 principles, inspired by the concept of ‘Ram Rajya’, to serve people in Delhi,” he said.

He listed the ten principles as providing food, education, medical care, electricity, water supply, employment, housing, women security and honouring the elderly.

“No one should sleep on an empty stomach in Delhi. Every child, irrespective of the social status, should get quality education,” Kejriwal said.

He further said that everyone, be it rich or poor, should get the best possible medical treatment.

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