New Delhi: India is witnessing a surge in active COVID patients with the second wave of coronavirus. The state of Karnataka has reported the highest number of COVID death toll between May 7 and 13 since the outbreak of the pandemic. 

As many as 5000 deaths were reported in the month of May in Karnataka. Bangalore alone has accounted for 2700 deaths from the total number. 3388 deaths were reported during August 2020 during the first wave of the pandemic in the state. The daily death average in Karnataka for the month of May has been around 400 with 211 in Bangalore alone. 

The death statistics have seen an increase of 107 per cent. The deaths during April 24 and 30 were 1448, 1689 deaths between May 1 and 6 and the death toll has risen to 3500 from May 7 and 13. This makes it the deadliest week of the pandemic hitherto. 

With 3.11 lakh fresh coronavirus infections, India saw the lowest rise in daily COVID-19 cases after a gap of 25 days, while the death toll rose to 2,70,284 with 4,077 new fatalities, according to the Union Health Ministry data updated on Sunday.

The 4,077 new fatalities include 960 from Maharashtra, 349 from Karnataka, 337 from Delhi, 303 from Tamil Nadu, 281 from Uttar Pradesh, 216 from Punjab, 197 from Uttarakhand, 149 from Rajasthan, 144 each from Haryana and West Bengal, 129 from Chhattisgarh.

A total of 2,70,284 deaths have been reported so far in the country including 80,512 from Maharashtra, 21,434 from Karnataka, 21244 from Delhi, 17,359 from Tamil Nadu, 17,238 from Uttar Pradesh, 13,137 from West Bengal, 11,693 from Punjab and 11,590 from Chhattisgarh.

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