New Delhi: In an indirect reference to Pakistan, India has said that “conflict actors” are trying to exploit the current uncertainty created due to COVID-19 pandemic to indulge misinformation and terrorist attacks. 

In a statement at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), India said, “Some conflict actors are exploiting the current climate of uncertainty to press their agendas, including through spread of misinformation to foment discord and violence and even sponsor opportunistic terrorist attacks.”

Highlighting how COVID-19 pandemic has “caused global disruption” on a “scale that has not been experienced before by this generation”, the statement said, “the pandemic is still raging, and its implications, though hard to foretell in exact terms, is certain to be profound and multidimensional”.

India said, “Pandemics can exacerbate the humanitarian consequences of any conflict situation….maintenance of peace and security, including UN peacekeeping operations.”

The UN Secretary-General in a meeting of Security Council on April 9 had pointed out how the pandemic can lead to erosion of trust in public institutions, a rise in societal tensions etc. 

India suggested the use of “digital solutions” to bring communities closer together especially in sharing life-saving information on how to survive the pandemic and it is “important for international players to look at a model of international development and humanitarian action which will strengthen not just the national response to COVID-19 but also promote essential pillars of peacebuilding”.

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