The Chinese embassy in New Delhi on Thursday expressed serious concern while opposing India’s latest move to ban 118 Chinese apps amid a spike in tensions aggravating the current faceoff along their border.

Chinese embassy spokesperson Ji Rong in a statement urged the Indian government “to rectify the discriminatory practices violating WTO rules, and provide an open, fair and impartial business environment for all market players from various countries including China.”

“The Chinese government has always required Chinese overseas companies to abide by international rules and operate in compliance with laws and regulations. The relevant practices by the Indian government not only harm the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese investors and service providers, but also harm the interests of Indian consumers and the investment environment. Suppression, self-seclusion and restrictions cannot benefit one country’s development. It’s the right way to integrate into global cooperation by being open, fair and transparent,” she said.

Stating that the two neighbours were “opportunities of development to each other rather than strategic threats,” Ji said “the essence of economic and trade cooperation between China and India is for mutual benefit and win-win results.”

“We hope that India will work with China to maintain the hard-won cooperation and development situation, and return to the right path of win-win cooperation,” she added.

India’s move banning the 118 apps on Wednesday came after New Delhi banned 58 apps earlier this year and then slapped an embargo on 47 clones or variants of the 58.

Tensions between India and China have been high since May when New Delhi detected attempts by the Chinese troops to intrude into Indian territory. On 15 June, soldiers of the two sides were engaged in a violent clash that killed 20 Indian troops and an unknown number on the Chinese side. India’s move to ban 58 apps followed soon after as did steps to block Chinese investments in key infrastructure sectors like roads and telecom.

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