The CAT exam for 2021 will be conducted on November 28th. Being one of the most important exams in India, students need to prepare strategically to ensure a great score. Here are some tips for those who are appearing for this exam this year.

Know the latest pattern and syllabus: Knowing the exam pattern will allow the candidates to understand the marking scheme and the weightage of the topics. This way, you can streamline your preparation and focus on the most important topics first and secure the majority of the marks. Chapter-wise and Topic-wise Previous Years Solved Question Papers for CAT 2021 Exams are a great source for getting the hang of the paper pattern and figure out the major topics. 

1. Section-wise preparation:

This year’s exam paper will be consisting of three different sections, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension. Candidates will be given 40 minutes for each section. Thus, candidates need to collaborate their speed and accuracy to make it through. Oswaal CAT Chapter-wise and Topic-wise Previous Years Solved Question Papers include papers organized section-wise and will enable a focused practice for the candidates. Also, the Mnemonics will boost your memory skills, thus allowing you to remember all that you prepared and automatically speed up answering that too, with accuracy.

2. Gain experience through mock tests:

The best way to prepare for this exam is to get plenty of experience solving these papers and time yourself so that the actual paper does not make you nervous. The CAT Chapter-wise and Topic-wise Previous Years Solved Question Papers, as the name suggests, have sample question papers and the answer key with explanations. It also includes 23 years of solved exam papers to make you understand what kind of answers will get you that top score.


Here is the recommended link for Chapter-wise Topic-wise Previous Years Solved Question Papers For CAT 2021 Exams: 

3. Have some time to revise:

No matter how well you prepare or how many tests you solve, it’s always a good idea to have enough time in hand to revise everything you have prepared. Cognitive Learning Tools and Revision Notes on all three sections in this book enable the candidates to revise all the topics and brush up on all the major questions which have a high possibility of being asked in the exam. 

And lastly…

4. Get your mind and body the needed rest:

Preparation for any exam is incomplete with proper rest for the mind and the body. An exhausted body will slow you down at the final moment, and one tends to forget things when the mind is unable to focus. Therefore, along with studying, ensure that you are refreshing yourself once in a while, destressing, and getting good sleep. 

Follow these tips, and you can easily conquer the exam. All the best!

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