Patna: The nation has trained its eyes towards Bihar as it awaits the results for the state Assembly elections, the incumbent Nitish Kumar government rule is looking for another five year term at the CM chair while Tejashwi Yadav-led Grand alliance will hope to secure the chance to form the government. 

As always several ‘Bahubali’ leaders are in fray and it would be interesting to see the fate of the ‘Bahubali’ leaders and their kin who have contested in these elections. Here’s a few of the names who are in the poll fray: 

MLA Anant Singh is in jail, but confident of victory

Mokama MLA Anant Singh is considered to be the most talked about ‘Bahubali’ in Bihar. Singh was with JDU until a few years ago and was considered a close confidant to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, but in 2015, his relationship with JDU ended. Then Singh became an independent MLA and joined the RJD this time. Anant Singh is so confident of his victory that he has started victory preparations at his residence even before the results. Although Anant Singh is currently in jail, he is confident that exit polls will turn out to be correct.

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Tejashwi Yadav’s gamble on Reetlal Yadav 

Tejashwi Yadav took a gamble on Reetlal Yadav just like he did with Anant Singh. Yadav is trying his luck from Danapur assembly seat. Reetlal Yadav was released from jail just a few days ago. Similarly, RJD has also fielded Anand Mohan Singh’s wife. Anand is serving a sentence in jail as an accused in the murder of Gopalganj’s former DM G. Krishnaiah case. His wife Lovely Anand has been given a chance from Saharsa assembly seat.

Fielding sons of Bahubali leaders

Bahubali Prabhunath Singh, who was an RJD MP, is in jail these days. Therefore, RJD has fielded his son in his place. Randhir Singh, son of the former leader who is close to Lalu Yadav, is trying his luck from Chhapra assembly seat. 

Bahubali leaders wives given party ticket

Manorama Devi is JDU Legislative Councilor and Bahubali leader Bindi Yadav’s wife. Her family was named in the Aditya Sachdev murder case a few years ago. She is contesting as a JDU candidate from Attari assembly seat.

Live TV

Also, the seat of wife of MLA Arun Yadav of Bhojpur district will also be watched. Arun Yadav was absconding in the case of rape from a minor. In such a situation, the party had announced his wife Kiran Devi as its candidate.

While RJD has again placed bets on Vibha Devi, wife of Rajaballabh Yadav, convicted in a rape case in Nawada. Vibha had lost the Lok Sabha 2019 elections on an RJD ticket.

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