Delhi’s Arvind Kejriwal government will soon start the process of allotment of flats to homeless people living in Delhi. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held a critical review meeting in this regard with Urban Development Minister Satyendra Jain and officials of DUSIB at his residence on Wednesday (December 16).

CM Kejriwal directed DUSIB that all the flats that have been built so far, should be allotted to those who are living in slums and are eligible for government flats. The Chief Minister also directed the officials to ensure that the slum dwellers get flats within a radius of five kilometers.

If there is a problem in getting land somewhere, then all those obstacles should be removed soon and the process of land selection should be completed at the earliest, so that the homeless people can get flats under ‘Jahan Jhuggi, Wahin Makaan’ scheme.

The Delhi government is very serious about allocating flats to homeless people. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal himself is monitoring this and from time to time holds a review meeting with DUSIB officials and Urban Development Minister Satyendra Jain on the progress of work. The Chief Minister held a review meeting on Wednesday to review the progress of the construction of flats and to expedite the allocation process of the flats that have been built.

The Urban Development Minister and DUSIB officials informed the Chief Minister in detail about the progress of ‘Jahan Jhuggi, Wahin Makaan’ scheme. CM Kejriwal said that ‘Jahan Jhuggi, Wahin Makaan’ policy is one of the main policies of Delhi government. He said that the government must ensure that the construction of flats for the homeless is completed within the time limit, so that they can be provided shelter. 
It is to be noted that earlier in November, the Chief Minister held a review meeting with Urban Development Minister and DUSIB officials. During that meeting, the DUSIB officials had presented a complete blueprint for constructing flats for homeless people and shifting them there. CM Kejriwal has clear guidelines to materialize the plan to give flats to homeless people. It has been decided to construct 89,400 flats for the homeless people in three phases.

These flats will be built on 237 acres of land. The Delhi government will build 41,400 flats in the first phase. These 41,400 flats will be built on the vacant land currently available with the Delhi government. In the second phase, 18,000 flats will be built. For this, the land use available with the Delhi government is currently in the second category, so the government will ask the MCD to change the land use of these lands and then flats will be constructed on these lands.

At the same time, 59,400 flats constructed in two phases will be given to homeless people. After the completion of shifting of people of first phase, 30,000 flats will be built under the third phase on the vacant land. The construction of the flats in the three phases will be completed from 2022 to 2025.
The EWS flats will be built on the vacant land of DUSIB. In the first phase, 41,400 EWS flats will be built. For this, 221 acres of land is available with DUSIB, out of which 115 acres of land is currently envisaged to construct EWS flats. Savdha Gherwa also has 106 acres of land, which will be taken over later.

It has also been decided that architect consultant will be appointed as soon as possible for the construction of the flats. It has been instructed to appoint architect consultant as soon as possible so that the plan can be expedited. After this the layout plans of the proposed flats will be approved. All these flats will be multi-storeyed.

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Its FAR will be 400 and density will be 900 D.U per hectare. Each 8000 houses will have five different tenders. Tenders will be taken for EPC contract and allocation of work. This process will be completed by March 31, 2021. The agency which will be entrusted with the responsibility of building the flat, will have to complete the construction work by 24 months of contract i.e. 31 March 2023. The estimated cost of these flats is around Rs 3312 crore and about Rs 8 lakh will be spent to build each flat.

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